Taxi dispatch system

Published: 01st July 2007
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cPAQ is a

modern Taxi despatch system that uses the latest technology in wireless

communication (GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth). It is specifically designed to provide the

taxi and limousine industries with an automatic, rapid and cost effective means

of transferring the customer's request from the operator to the most appropriate

vehicle. cPAQ optimises your despatch operation; increases your profitability by

improving productivity and customer service.

What is cPAQ

cPAQ is an exceptional new Taxi Data Dispatching

System. It's radically different from any other system you can buy.

For performance, features and reliability -

nothing else even comes close. cPAQ combines the best features of all existing
Data Dispatch Systems with:

Easy to use powerful in-vehicle units, with touch screen and color

graphical display

Vehicle location using Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS)

Fully integrated in-vehicle voice guided navigation system

Nationwide radio coverage

Comprehensive accounts/billing system - the best in the business

The most reliable and intelligent booking and GPS based automatic

and manual Dispatch system on the market

Vehicle tracking (both Live and Historical)

Built in maps for Manual Dispatch, route estimation, and pricing

Credit card Authorization and Processing - directly on-line

Support for running multiple fleets from a single office

Voice recording

Automatic Route optimization for Multi-via Jobs

Automatic tracking and management of Street Jobs

Enforcement of Driver working hours (shift-patterns)

Driver/Vehicle Document tracking and expiry enforcement, for

insurance, MOT, Payments, etc.

On-line direct Job booking using Internet based Web-Booking

Wireless Job booking using portable Mobile Booking units

Detailed audit trail of Drivers and Call takers activities

Intelligent Over-booking warning and prediction

Support for Special Addresses (e.g. Black list, warning etc.)

Built-in nationwide address database which includes Pubs, Restaurants and
commercial premises.

Bidding and Follow-on-Job facilities.

First class customer care and back-up package

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